Donate love with Nocleženka

We would all run thousands of miles for love. Sometimes it's a sprint, other times it's a long run. Sometimes every kilometer hurts more and more, sometimes we don't even count those kilometers. Love comes in many forms, but we all hope that one day we will be able to run to the finish line. What does love mean to you?


For us, love means running with others and thinking about them every step of the way. Share the little things and remember even those who, for example, were not so lucky with love. Therefore RunCzech and adidas in cooperation with the Salvation Army come with the opportunity to share a little love with others. By purchasing Nocleženka coupon, you will support a specific homeless person and we will reward you with -42% discount on adidas products. Because you have to be well equipped to run for love.

How does Nocleženka work?

By purchasing Nocleženka at our e-shop worth CZK 100, you will support a specific homeless person who will be able to spend a night in the heat of a Salvation Army dormitory thanks to your gift. However, it is not just about sleeping, a homeless person is also provided with soup with pastries, a hot drink and has the opportunity to take a shower and perform personal hygiene.

How do I receive a discount code on adidas products?

After purchasing Nocleženka, once the transaction proceeds, you will be sent a discount code to the filled-in e-mail address. Discount code -42 % applies to selected adidas products on our e-shop until 7th March 2021.






adidas products with discount -42 %