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Set of magnets for attaching the race bib - Run Yellow

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How BibBits work?

  • BibBits consist of a front and a back, each of which contains a very strong neodymium magnet. Just insert the T-shirt and start number between the BibBits magnets and you are ready to start.

Are the BibBits strong enough?

  • BibBits have small but very strong magnets that will hold your start number perfectly in place. Even during long-term tests with very strong winds, the starting number did not move.

What magnets are used?

  • We use so-called nickel-plated neodymium magnets. These have a force of 1.1 kg per magnet and of course have a "north" and "south" pole.

What are the specifications of BibBits?

  • BibBits consists of two parts. The front part is rectangular in shape, dimensions are 2x1 cm and weighs only 3 grams. The back is round (for extra comfort), 1.5 cm in diameter and weighs only 2 grams. The complete set of 4 BibBits weighs around 20 grams.

And what about the integrated time chip in the starting number?

  • The tests did not show any negative effect on the operation of the time tags unless you attach the BibBits magnet directly to the chip. However, this cannot happen in normal use, because BibBits are only used on the outer corners of the start number. The tests were performed with different brands of chips. The effect in the case of a large crowd in races is unknown. Theoretically, magnetic fields could be disturbed, but this is unlikely to happen.

What about my heart rate monitor?

  • Tests have shown that BibBits do not affect the operation of the heart rate monitor unless the magnets are directly placed on the sensor. Therefore, normal use of BibBits is not a problem, but we recommend that you try it out or adjust the location before starting your own measurement.

Can I get BibBits in other colors, prints or packaging?

  • Yes, you can. For higher volumes, we offer the option of having BibBits printed with your own logo, color and possibly in another package. This can be interesting for various events, shops and sponsors who would like to have an original product. If you want to learn more about the options, do not hesitate to contact us.

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